Brief portrait of the enterprise


Wagner + Grimm is an enterprise which looks back to more than 65 years of successful history. Due to continuous improvements and optimization Wagner + Grimm AG were able to expand in the last few years and became the leading producer of transformer in Switzerland. About 40 highly qualified long-time employees helped to lead the enterprise to its success.


Wagner + Grimm focus mainly on production and development of one- and triple phase transformers, reactors and HF transformers. To offer a wide range of products to our clients we also develop, produce and sell rectifier devices, flat- and variable transformers, ring core transformers, sound transformers as well as winding goods of all sorts.


Wagner + Grimm is certified by ISO 9001 since 1994.


Our modern plant and our rational processes are further fundamentals for our success.


Our main objective is to supply our clients with optimal services through high quality products and competent advices.


Since the 1st January 2010 the company Wagner + Grimm Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Wagner + Burri Management Ltd.


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